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            Product Specifications of Dehydrated Onion & Garlic

            Specifications Onion
            powder / minced / granules
            Moisture content 6% max 6% max 6% max
            Hot water insoluble 20% max 20% max 20% max
            Ash content 4% max 4% max 4% max
            Acid insoluble ash 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.5% max
            Major defects 1% max 1% max 1% max
            Foreign matter NIL NIL NIL
            T.p.c. <300,000/G <141,902 /G Onion<300,000/G
            Garlic:<194,594/ G
            Coliforms <100/G
            E.coli NIL NIL NIL
            Molds & yeasts <1000/G <10/G Onion<1000/G
            Garlic:157/ G
            Staph.aureus <100/G
            B.cereus <100/G NIL <100/G
            Salmonella NIL/25G NIL/25G NIL/25G
            Processing method Mature, fresh white onions/garlic are washed, trimmed, cut and dehydrated by passing Hot Air Closed Continuous System.
            Processing method Colour: Onion Kibbled/powder : Slightly off White,
            Garlic Flakes : Brownish white,
            Garlic Powder : Slightly off brown White
            Taste : Typical of fresh white onions/garlic
            Aroma: Typical of fresh white onions/garlic

            Product specification norms as per Indian Government and should be international standard.