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            About Asian Food Export

            About Asian Food Export

            Asian Food Export is manufacture & exporter from origin point of Fresh, Dehydrated Onion, Garlic, Other Vegetables, and Seasonal Spices & Oily Seeds where these products are being grown and cultivated. The company is having good associations with some worldwide companies. The company's operating and functional area at Mahuva, Gujarat, India.

            Today, Asian Food Export has gained a strong foothold in all the markets it operates in, edging out existing competition and enjoying the leading position in most of its Fresh, Dehydrated Onion, Garlic, Other Vegetables, Seasonal Spices & Oily Seeds categories and continues to spread its wings and grow everyday in worldwide market.

            Asian Food Export is a leading company in producing & exporting best quality of Fresh, Dehydrated Onion, Garlic, Other Vegetables, and Seasonal Spices & Oily Seeds in different form from Mahuva, INDIA. The reason we have chosen this vicinity is due to its availability of the best quality materials supplier which selected by our qualified team, dry atmosphere, natural environmentally friendly farming techniques and trained manpower with years of experience for our processing unit. Asian Food Export are 100% export oriented unit and Exporting of Fresh, Dehydrated Onion, Garlic, Other Vegetables and Seasonal Spices & Oily Seeds to more than 15 countries worldwide.

            The company strives to provide products of the highest quality that give maximum value for money. Over the last 4 years work with local market now Asian Food Export forayed into the Export Market segment, a move that reaped immense benefits. Within the rapidly expanding Agro products category, Asian Food Export operates a verticals consisting of a selected product cells in agro commodity.